Workman Law

Schuett v. ALLDATA, LLC


Plaintiff is a former employee of Alldata, LLC (“Defendant”).  Plaintiff alleges in his complaint that he, and all other similarly situated California employees, was required to drive his personal vehicle for work related purposes and incur other expenses to do his job.  Plaintiff further contends that Defendant failed to reimburse Plaintiff and all similarly situated California employees for all the work related expenses, including the operation of his personal vehicle, cellular phone charges and various office supplies, incurred in violation of Labor Code section 2802.  With respect to operation of the personal vehicles, Plaintiff contends that Defendant’s system to reimburse its California employees for driving their personal vehicles for work-related purposes, through a vehicle allowance, does not reimburse employees in full for all costs incurred, and therefore violates Labor Code section 2802.

The parties were able to reach a tentative settlement through a mediation on June 7, 2016, and are working to finalize the settlement terms.

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